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Samsung Galaxy S9 (5843)
February 27, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (6750)

$799.99 $699.99

Phone shows light to normal use, couple nicks, still a durable and clean phone!

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SuperHiTech warranties all phones for 90 days after purchase so you know that you will have a successful experience, guaranteed! This phone comes with charge cable and charge brick and will ship out the same business day!

Each phone is checked for the following before sale: LCD Condition – Touch Function – Charge Port – Power Button – Home Button – Touch ID – Front Camera – Rear Camera – Microphone – Speaker – Ear Speaker – Headphone Jack – Cellular Service (Test Phone Call) – IMEI Check – WiFi – Camera Flash – Siri – Volume Up – Volume Down – Toggle Switch – Battery Level (above 80%) – Find My iPhone: Off – Bluetooth – Vibrate/Haptic Feedback – Proximity Sensor – Wireless Charging (if applicable)

90-Day Warranty DOES NOT apply to: 
• Water/liquid damage
• Damage caused by improper use of an adapter/charger or voltage
• Any software-related issues
• Any other physical damages caused by dropping or improper use of force applied to the item
• Any issues that arise after repair from another entity. Aesthetic condition is not covered by warranty

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Lavender Purple


128 GB